Health & Sustainability

The Landing West Coast Grill strives for sustainability. We believe in preserving our island paradise, including the abundance of our local food sources.

Here are just a few of our environmentally friendly initiatives

Ocean Wise

The Landing is a part of the Ocean Wise program, an initiative spearheaded by the Vancouver Aquarium that recognizes sustainable and ocean friendly seafood choices. All seafood choices available on our menu meet Ocean Wise standards. These standards ensure that the seafood was caught or farmed in a sustainable way and does not negatively impact the greater marine ecosystem.

Farm-fresh Fare

We've adopted the 100-Mile Diet concept, and source seasonal local product whenever we can.

Kitchen Considerations

Not only do we strive to provide locally-sourced and sustainable dishes for our guests, but also use eco-friendly methods to create them.

  • We use Vancouver Island maple, arbutus and alder wood grilling planks to give our dishes a delectable smokey flavour.
  • Our cedar grilling planks come from B.C. Coastal Grilling Planks, a family-owned and operated Vancouver Island company that produces their own forest products from start to finish.
  • We use a wood-fired stone oven in our kitchen, which uses heat more efficiently than a conventional oven. The wood stone oven cooks food with dry, radiant heat from a renewable fuel source.
  • Our three-tier recycling program in the kitchen ensures the majority of our waste material is diverted from the landfill.

Local and sustainable brews & beverages

We carry products from environmentally friendly beverage suppliers, such as Stanley Park Brewery, which practices water conservation and uses wind turbines to power their operations. We also focus on pairing BC wines with our dishes.

Dietary considerations

The Landing welcomes gluten-free diners and has been recommended by the Canadian Celiac Association.